In-house PR vs SEO Agencies: What Best for Gambling?

Many major bookmakers have in-house PR teams, often whole teams of people, who service on a daily basis the needs of the entire brand. Outreach guys do everything: from the shops on the high street, to sponsorship, campaigns, SEO link bulding, media partnerships and general day to day press coverage. But challenger brands and new betting affiliate sites often do not have the capability for that – which is where outsourced Gambling SEO agencies come in.

It goes without saying that gambling SEO and PR agencies may not have the resource – both in terms of manpower and monetary – to do some of the bigger budget stunts, or cover quite as much as ground as a prestige brand. You look at the likes of Betfair’s PR office and their infiltration into most publications the moment news breaks, often aided as well by a number of exclusive partnership deals.

But sometimes the relatively small size of an agency can work to the brand’s advantage. Firstly, they benefit from having a clear head looking down on the entire marketplace – rather than just considering one brand. They have their ear to the ground from a number of clients and their different KPIs. It challenges the PR agency to go deeper into the press landscape, building up the sort of unbreakable relationships which can service a host of clients.

Someone who works in house and someone who works for SEO agency can have the same number and strength of journalistic contact. The challenge from the gambling SEO and PR agency man is strategically placing coverage in various media places to satisfy the needs of multiple interested parties. But if done correctly, that gives him the capacity to produce excellent results.

Both have to keep their ear to the ground

The news sense of a PR manager, whether in house or in an agency is totally down to them. Whoever keeps their ear to the ground, has the know-how to react to events and produce the most compelling betting content to gain strong link building and PR citations will ultimately win out.

That factor is truly down to the skill-set of the individual, rather than where they work. Yet it is a strong argument that in an agency, you need to think more creatively to out-muscle the clout of the in-house team within a major brand.

Size matters

In terms of which approach is ‘best’, it ultimately boils down to the size of the betting company. If it can justify an in-house team that will not get complacent and be kept on their toes, then it can reap rewards as they will just have a sole focus of acquiring coverage for their brands.

But a nimble, fast-thinking agency who lives and breaths coverage, campaigns, events, stunts and activations can be a shrewder, and more cost-effective way of meeting specific KPIs to advance their brand within the gambling sphere.

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