How to pitch journalists with your betting content: do’s and dont’s

There is one absolutely crucial rule to pitching journalists with your content – if you are impersonal, you will get nowhere. Far too many rival PR agencies will rely on faceless staff to send content out to huge mailing lists with a dull template email format. Even if your gambling content is strong, journalists will nine times out of 10 send it straight to the spam folder without a second thought.

Build trust and personal relationships

You need to find the time to get to know journalists and editors within publications. Send them a private message on Twitter and arrange a time to take him/her for a drink. Build their trust and don’t come across as just another characterless person sending them three hopeful emails a week. If they can’t help you with a piece of content, they will put you in touch with someone who can. If you are hiring staff, ex-journalists are the best way to go as they will already have good personal relationships.

Personalise every single email

If you cannot physically meet the journalists, make sure you personalise every single email you send. Find some common ground, make a joke with them as an opening gambit rather than launching straight into pitching the content. Do not be too over-familiar if you do not know them. 

Explain about yourself and your business. Tell journalists what you do and what you are trying to achieve, and also explain the brand (sports betting affiliate or a bookie) you are representing. For example that your brand provides insight into the latest gambling trends. If your betting content is strong enough, the journalist will be interested in featuring it. 

Grab the journalist’s attention with your betting content

In terms of the email format, make sure you start each email with two lines of introduction as mentioned above. Then it is best practice to present the content like an article, rather than launching straight into the pitch.

Write a headline and make it bold and large font, make sure it is well written so they can lift it straight into the story. Remember to list the odds or data at the bottom in a clear and concise way. It has to visually grab the journalist’s attention as they will have next to no time to read something you send them.

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