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We help sports betting affiliates earn high-quality SEO backlinks and PR Mentions in top media with high Doman Authority

Top SEO Backlinks For Sports Betting Affiliates

Sports betting SEO done differently! Our team offer quality backlinks in top British, Polish and Russian publications for sports betting affiliates who need coverage in high Domain Authority media sites.

We work directly with the journalists, using personal relationships attained and nurtured over a number of years in the betting industry. Based on genuine data and insight developed prior to a newsworthy event, each link placement is organic, unique and relevant. We also offer a bespoke service to tailor coverage to a certain narrative should it be required.

All articles with links and mentions are read and shared by millions of people across the globe. This provides a tangible boost to your positions in organic search results for betting keywords.

Media PR Mentions For Bookmakers

A publication’s key criteria for whether it uses a piece of PR content is whether it advances the story or provides genuine interest. We can make top media sit up and take notice with engaging content.

It does not always require going over the top with unrealistic betting markets. Sometimes a subtle piece of insight, previously-unseen data or a humorous take will make all the difference.

We offer sports betting brands an exclusive package with weekly or monthly PR citations in top mainstream and sports media in the UK – as well as in other international press titles.

Yes, you can get links to your gambling site in publications such as The Sun, The Independent, the Daily Mail, the Metro, the Telegraph and so on.

How do we get best SEO links and media coverage for the sports betting websites?

Based on our experience, we know what reporters want and need right now. We react quickly to breaking news stories and the demands of an ever-changing current affairs landscape. The end result is not created by magic – we simply give journalists we work with good engaging data to supplement and advance major events.

Sports betting SEO and high quality link bulding for the iGaming industry is our profession and what drives us. We have proven results in hitting relevant KPI targets set by sports betting affiliates and bookmakers to acquire the best coverage from the high domain authority sites. Trust us to improve your SEO rankings and increase brand awareness – get in touch today!

We are not another gambling SEO company

Any questions?

Do you buy/sell backlinks?

We stress that we do not buy high-quality backlinks in high DA 50+, 60+, 70+, 80+ 90+ media sites. We do not buy mentions like in the bad old days of black-hat SEO. Instead, we earn top media links by providing journalists with our own unique research and exclusive interviews with ex-and current football players.  All links to and mentions of your gambling site are organically placed in the top media’s relevant news articles. 

Do you have a retainer fee?

Unlike other SEO gambling companies or PR agencies, we do not charge a retainer fee. You pay for the agreed KPI targets you need to reach within a certain period of time. For example, if you need 10 monthly links in DA90+ sites within the British media for a certain affiliate website, your wish is our command!

In which countries do you have media connections?

In general, we have connections in almost all European sports and mainstream media. However, our specialization is the British, Polish, Russian, Brazilian, Nigerian and American media, where we can guarantee your sports betting brand top SEO links and PR coverage.

Can you get quality backlinks to casino sites?

Even though, we work primarily with the sports betting sites, top-tier backlinks to casino sites is also something we do. We have previously acquired SEO links to online casino affiliates in the major British press titles such as TheSun, Express, Daily Mail etc.

iGaming PR and Outreach professionals

We are a team of experienced and independent PR professionals, journalists and storytellers. All of us have years of experience working with Sports betting SEO and link building within the iGaming sector. Yes, we know what works and what the publication requires. 

Our relentless work ethic means we will never stop until we have secured those prized exclusive high-quality backlinks for your sports betting brand. We have developed and pitched stories to the network of the relevant journalists in British, Polish, Russian and American press publications with a Domain Authority of 90 and above for years.


“After six years in the gambling industry (Better Collective AS), I know what it takes to make the world’s top media talk about your sports betting sites. There are reporters who need your bespoke informative, relevant data and stories right now – give us the green light to allow us to make it a reality.

Alexander Kostin. Digital Marketing Manager, Links and Coverage Founder

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